Apple TV App vs. Apple TV – Which one is best for you?

Recently Apple rolled out a new Apple TV streaming app to their smartphones & tablets.  Additionally many newer TVs now support this new Apple TV App. You may be wondering what is it? In this blog we explore the new Apple TV app, and the differences between it and the latest Apple TV 4K box. We also explore Apple’s new Airplay 2 streaming platform. Read on…

In this past year Apple started to roll out their new Apple TV App into most of Samsung’s 2018 & 2019 TV models. The Apple TV App can now also be found in many 2019 LG models, with other major brands soon to follow. For an up-to-date list of models check here:

So, what is it?

Simply put Apple has loaded its core video streaming services and 3rd party video apps from the Apple TV stand alone box into an app for smart TVs. The Apple TV App can also be found on Apple’s smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Now you can buy, rent and watch thousands of movies, including blockbuster titles right inside the app — as well as movies you’ve previously purchased from iTunes.

You can also access your subscription streaming services like Prime Video, Crave, Sportsnet, Acorn TV, and more.

Also located within the Apple TV app is Apple TV+ with original TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. This TV content is always ad-free, and on-demand. The TV service currently costs $5.99/month, however customers purchasing a new qualifying Apple device can currently get Apple TV+ free for 1 year.

Apple is spending several billion dollars a year on original TV programming using top entertainment-industry talent, along with television and movie rights to top books.

For many users, the Apple TV app will replace the Apple TV box.

The Apple TV 4K box still offers additional capabilities though. You have on-board storage for your downloaded apps and purchased content.

It also comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 Siri remote control which can be used for voice & touch pad navigation, plus it can double as a game controller for some apps. The Apple TV 4K box also supports third-party Bluetooth game controllers.

Its dedicated CPU processor can run more system intensive games and apps. Some TV manufacturers have chosen to not install the Apple TV app depending on how taxed the TVs CPU is. For those models, you would add the Apple TV 4K box.

Airplay is a WiFi-based transmission system that allows you to stream audio and video content from an Apple device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, or Computer).

Airplay 2 adds the ability to stream music to multiple devices at the same time, even if they are completely different brands.

Airplay 2 transmits over your WiFi so it generally sounds better and has greater range than Bluetooth.

Airplay 2 includes the ability to screen mirror your Apple device and display content like your photos on your Airplay 2 enabled TV.

Many 2018 and newer Samsung, LG, and Sony TVs, once software updated, can support Airplay 2. The list is continually expanding. Check here to view the list:

Airplay 2 is restricted to mobile devices that can run iOS12 or better. On a MAC or PC, you will need iTunes 12.8 or greater.

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