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Tower Speakers - Consignment


Linn Majik Isobarik - Pair. Rosewood Veneer

The Linn Majik Isobarik speakers offer great sound and tremendous upgrade possibilities. These can be use with a single stereo amp, passive bi-amped, or fully active.

We have a matching Linn Majik 6100 power amp to mate with these. If you purchase both, the active electronic cross-over cards and speaker wires are included as a bonus!

Clearance Price $3295.00
Regular: $5800.00 Qty. Available: 1

6 X 100 watts Power Amp - Consignment


Linn Majik 6100

Cool-running, reliable and highly efficient, the Linn Majik6100 amplifier is ideal for use in stereo or multi-channel systems.

The amp features the 100 W version of our Linn patented Chakra technology and ground-breaking Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply.

You can create the perfect surround sound set-up or upgrade to a fully Aktiv (electronic cross-over) Majik system.

- 100 W per channel (into 4 Ω)
-6 channels
-Linn patented Chakra amplifier topology
-Linn Dynamik Power Supply
-Internally upgrade-able with Aktiv crossover cards for use in a fully Aktiv system

If you also purchase the Linn Majik Isobarik Speakers listed here, the electronic crossover boards and speaker wires are included.

Clearance Price $3495.00
Regular: $7395.00 Qty. Available: 1

Center Channel Speaker - Consignment


Linn Ekwall - Cherry Veneer

The Linn Ekwal Center can be single wired, bi-wired, or passively bi-amped.It mates well with a variety of Linn main speakers.

Clearance Price $495.00
Regular: $1295.00 Qty. Available: 1

Bluetooth Headphones


Parrot Zik 3.0 Bluetooth Headphones - Demo

The wireless, hi-tech, stylish, ultra-intuitive audio headset

Resulting from collaboration with designer Philippe Starck, the Parrot Zik 3 headset is the latest addition to the range. It offers the best in sound and innovation, like its wireless charger, adaptive noise control, and proximity detector. Compatible with modern equipment such as smartwatches and induction charging stations (Qi)

Clearance Price $249.00
Regular: $549.00 Qty. Available: 1

Rear Surround Speakers - Consignment


Energy Veritas v2.0 SR

Adaptable to any environment, the V2.0R Rears feature customization of the ambient output for outstanding accuracy in virtually any room configuration. These can be configured for Di-pole, Bi-pole, and offer a unique Corner mode.

Clearance Price $495.00
Regular: $1195.00 Qty. Available: 1

200 watts X 5 Power Amplifier - Consignment


Anthem A5

Use this powerful amplifier to feed a surround speaker system or biamp a pair of stereo speakers. With upwards of 340 watts per channel of dynamic power, it can drive difficult speakers and difficult loads. Choose from RCA or balanced inputs. These current sell for 5K. At this price it is quite a bargain!

Clearance Price $1295.00
Regular: $5000.00 Qty. Available: 1

AV Preamp - Consignment


Anthem AVM20

If you do not need HDMI switching, or are looking for an inexpensive preamp for surround or stereo, this offers great performance at a bargain price.

It offers both RCA and XLR balanced outputs, plus both analog and AES digital balanced inputs.

Clearance Price $295.00
Regular: $4500.00 Qty. Available: 1




Below Cost!

Key Features

Billion Rich Colors
Active HDR with Dolby Vision™
webOS 3.5 Smart TV
Harman Kardon built-in sound

Clearance Price $2999.00
Regular: $5499.00 Qty. Available: 1

High End Network Music Streamer


Naim Audio ND5XS (demo)

Floor Demo Model.

This unit is identical to the newest model only missing the added Bluetooth capability.

ND5 XS is one of the most technically advanced and accomplished of all Naim Audio products. The use of numerous innovative techniques for electronic signal processing and isolation ensure that each digital audio data stream is delivered to the ND5 XS outputs with maximum fidelity.

Stream high res music with UPnP, Internet Radio, TIDAL, Spotify, plus it has a USB input, and optical and coax digital inputs for legacy devices. Multi-room capable with other Naim streaming products. Control and navigate with the Naim app or supplied remote. Upgrade power supply options available.

Clearance Price $3199.00
Regular: $4799.00 Qty. Available: 1





The Best-In-Class Home Theater Projection Experience with 1800 Lumens brightness and 4K e-shift4

The DLA-X570R delivers stunning picture detail and an unprecedented value thanks to JVC's exclusive 4K e-shift4 technology. It accepts native 4K 60P (4:4:4) content through Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 compatible inputs and up-converts existing 1080P sources to 4K precision. Three discrete D-ILA devices produce a stable image with no flicker and class leading 40,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio for peak whites and deep blacks.

For 2017, JVC projectors add an Auto HDR picture preset for best compatibility with UHD 4K HDR content and a low latency mode for improved gaming. JVC has also updated the HDMI connectivity and added Hybrid Log Gamma for future HDR broadcast and streaming content.

40,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio

Intelligent Lens Aperture for Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 400,000:1

New for 2017 1800 Lumens with High Power Lamp (PK-L2615U 265W High/200W Normal

4K e-shift4

Improved for 2017 Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 Compatible Inputs

Compatible with full spec native 4K signals such as 4K60p 4:4:4, 4K60p 4:2:2/36bit and 4K24p 4:4:4/36bit

Compatible with 4K streaming devices and UHD BD content

Compatible with DCI Color Space

New for 2017 Low Latency Mode for
Improved Gaming

New for 2017 Auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) Picture Preset

Motion Enhance (2D, 3D, 4K) with Clear Motion Drive

Improved for 2017 Multi Pixel Control (MPC) with Auto Mode for ease of use

MPC works with 4K60P (up to 4:4:4) signals

3D Enabled (Active Shutter Method)

Accepts Frame Sequential, Side-by-Side, and Top-Bottom

3D Anamorphic Capable

3D Crosstalk Cancellation

3D Parallax Adjustment

Optional RF Active Shutter 3D Glasses (PK-AG3G) and RF 3D Emitter (PK-EM2G)

Lens Memory with 5 user adjustable presets

Motorized 2X Zoom Lens (1.4:1 – 2.8:1)

Simplified 6-Axis Color Management System

Manual Gamma Control included with JVC Calibration Software

Control4 SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol)

6th Generation 1920x1080 DILA devices

Ultra Quiet Operation (21db/Low Lamp)

Clear Black Processing improves local area contrast

Screen Adjustment Modes

Convergence Correction — 1/16th pixel increments with 2 memory positions

Inputs & Outputs

Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP 2.2 Compatible Inputs


RJ45 LAN Connection

12V Trigger

3D Synchro

2 Year Warranty

Clearance Price $4299.00
Regular: $4999.00 Qty. Available: 1

2-way Active Powered Mixing/Listening Monitors


Focal CMS 50 Demo (Pair)

Two-way monitor

The CMS 50 is the most compact monitoring loudspeaker of all the Focal Professional range. Its design permits listening from 20" away, while still keeping the possibility of the monitors at a great distance from one another without damaging the soundstage. The 5” mid-woofer reaches down to 55Hz, while offering a controlled bass and a totally linear midrange. The midrange register of the CMS 50 has unequalled neutrality in its price range. The Aluminum-Magnesium inverted dome tweeter offers outstanding dynamics and a degree of definition in the treble that allow precise measurement of reverb and other effects which are normally very difficult to assess.

Mipa award: 100 magazines awarded the CMS 50 best studio monitor. Read the news Readers choice awards: ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International

Clearance Price $1399.00
Regular: $1699.00 Qty. Available: 1

High Performance Sound Bar & Subwooder


Focal Dimension & Dimension Sub (pre-owned)

imension is a soundbar with exceptional acoustic qualities perfectly adapted to flat screens. R&D teams offer you a soundbar capable of restoring a quality sound with clear and natural-sounding dialogues thanks to five ultra-flat patented speaker drivers. Dimension is the response to the desire of flat screen’s owners for powerful sound in a discreet and perfectly integrated audio system. Finally offer to your images the sound and emotions they deserve!

When a traditional soundbar depends on the room spatialisation, Dimension offers an immersive 5.1 sound with realistic and precise sound effects not only in the high frequencies.

With a soundstage of 4m and a maximum power of 450W, Dimension performances are equivalent to a very good high-fidelity audio system and are perfect for rooms even measuring over 50m2.

Clearance Price $999.00
Regular: $1899.00 Qty. Available: 1

Desktop Stereo System


Yamaha MCRB043 Desktop Stereo (demo)

Wireless playback from your smartphone, tablet or PC effortlessly with Bluetooth technology

CD player, USB and FM/AM* radio

Sleep timer and Alarm functions

USB port allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet

Clearance Price $299.00
Regular: $449.00 Qty. Available: 1

Audiophile Soundbar


Martin Logan Motion Vision (Demo)

Martin Logan engineered the Motion Vision with a commanding bass performance paired
with precisely etched mid- and high-frequencies, creating a vivid, three-dimensional
soundstage. Front left/right and center channels use three advanced-resolution Folded
Motion™ tweeters, four high-performance woofers and seven dedicated amplifiers
to deliver 100 watts of total system power that also simulates the rear left/right
effects channels to create fully immersive, five-channel surround sound throughout the
listening environment.
Dual rear-firing bass ports reinforce the bass extension for astonishingly deep bass, and for bass aficionados
who desire the deepest bass experience, the built-in SWT-2 transmitter allows the addition of a compatible
wireless MartinLogan subwoofer.
Hassle-Free Setup & Simple Controls
Motion Vision installs quickly and easily on a wall with the included mounting bracket, or it can be placed on
a shelf for an elegantly simple installation. A top-mounted control pad allows full access to the menu system
and volume should you misplace the included remote

Clearance Price $999.00
Regular: $1649.00 Qty. Available: 1

Rear/Side Surround Speakers


Totem Acoustic Lynks Mahogany (Demo) Pair

The Totem Lynks renders excellent sound imaging, precise focus and absolute spatial fidelity. Employing some of the finest and most advanced transducers available with the added benefit of a Totem engineered and built multi-layer cabinet, the Lynks expresses and projects shear beauty. With its unique attachment-system design, the Lynks is an extremely well built and immensely musical bi-di on-wall speaker system. Excellent imagining, focus and localization, along with spacious ambiance, make the Lynks a very versatile complement to all Totem speakers.
Real veneer Mahogany finish.

Clearance Price $799.00
Regular: $1149.00 Qty. Available: 1
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