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Atlas stocks HDTVs and Ultra HD TVs from the best manufacturers; Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, & LG.

From the latest cutting edge 4K HDR models to basic HD TVs, we provide the best TVs price competitive with the biggest box retailers.

Lots of Content

TVs have evolved from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD), to Ultra-HD (4K), and now 4K HDR. So what does it all mean?

It is important to know that 4K content is now available in broadcast, on-demand, and physical forms. The best quality of content is still delivered on physical discs. If you wish experience the very best of what your TV or front projector can offer, you will need to purchase a native 4K Blu-ray Player (early models were 4K upscaling), and purchase 4K Blu-ray discs. These new 4K HDR disc players are backwards compatible with DVDs, 1080p HD Blu-ray, and other disc types.

Streaming video services include subscription types like Netflix & Crave TV, as well as You Tube and rental content providers. These can include SD, HD, and now 4K HDR content. The content is encoded (compressed) for data transmission so the quality is not quite as good as in the disc form. Still it is very acceptable, not to mention convenient and easy to use.

Broadcast TV now offers mostly HD content, with some SD, and some providers are now delivering 4K content.

TV Types

Modern flat panel televisions can be broken down into three categories:

LED – These flat panel TVs are the most common type and have been in the market the longest. These TVs can vary greatly in quality from the most entry level to the most expense sets available. Although there are a few basic HD models, most are now 4K models. LED backlight TVs have the potential for the greatest light output so can often be used in brighter rooms. The better quality sets offer improved colour, off angle views, better black levels, and superior clarity on fast action content.

OLED – This type of TV does not use backlights like LED models – you are looking at the individually illuminated light sources! The advantages of OLED are they offer the deepest possible black levels, there is no loss of picture quality when viewed at very wide angles, and they do not suffer motion blur issues like other types. While light output is exceptional, it is not as high as the best LED and QLED types. These are perfect for those rooms where lighting can be controlled, and particularly recommended for those transitioning from better plasma TV sets.

QLED – This is a variant on LED sets, offering the widest colour pallet of all current TV types offered. Light output tends to be exceptional. Motion control varies depending on TV quality.

Other Important Considerations

It is important to know a few things about streaming video. Video content is very demanding on your router. The quality of your network is paramount to a good user experience. Old routers, poor switching, and inadequate internet service levels will greatly impact your ability to enjoy streamed content.

We recommend hardwiring your TV or media players (Apple TV, Blu-ray Players, etc.) to your network and only using WiFi as a last resort. The quality of the Ethernet cable will have a significant impact on the quality you see.

The quality of the HDMI cables and power bars/conditioners will also significantly impact both picture and audio quality. Better cables and power lower the noise floor and reduce bit errors in the signal. It is also important to understand that the standards for HDMI cables have changed and older HDMI cables will not be suitable for delivering the best signals into a new 4K Ultra-HD TV. Expect and budget to upgrade these along with your new purchase.

With the introduction of 4K TVs and content, the rules for TV size based on viewing distance have significantly changed. To put this into perspective with a new 4K Ultra-HD TV you have the same resolution as in a big movie theatre. This means you can sit a lot closer to larger TV sets than what was previously possible with standard HD.  Larger TV sizes are now the norm instead of the exception to the rule.

Remember that with rare exception, the sound systems built-in to modern TV sets are basic at best. This is important as half the experience of watching a movie is the sound track. Atlas offers a wide variety of audio choices from sound bars to the most elaborate Dolby ATMOS surround sound systems.