ISF Calibration

For those who want the best display performance.

Atlas offers ISF video calibration. Our certified ISF trained technician will come to your home and professionally calibrate your TV or projector utilizing ISF approved equipment.

Upgrade your viewing experience for as little as $299.  Come in to Atlas and see the difference!

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Most TVs straight out of the box are either set to Vivid showroom settings or energy efficient modes. Neither modes will provide best picture your TV is capable of. 

While test discs are available for owners to do their own basic calibration, the best results are achieved when a professionally trained and certified calibrator using the proper equipment to test and read the displays performance are used.


  • The TV will allow you to see video content as the creators intended.
  • Depending on the light output the TV may use less power and last longer due to the reduced strain on TV components.
  • Specialized modes for day and night used can be calibrated to optimized viewing for different lighting conditions.
  • The viewer can experience reduced eyestrain, seeing more detail, experience accurate colour, gray scale, black levels, & white balance.