Wireless Audio

No segment of the audio business has evolved as much as the wireless audio. Music used to be delivered through purely physical forms like LPs, Tapes, and CDs. Next came digital downloading, which then evolved to our current form of “on-demand” music streaming; 50 million songs for a low monthly fee.

Music used to be restricted to just one room or audio system. Today’s modern wireless audio components allow you to easily populate your rooms with music systems and be able to have the same or completely different music in every room, or any combination you desire, at any volume you desire.

We used to have to commit to very expensive solutions to have music in every room. These required expensive prewiring and planning. Now you can build a whole home solution over time as your budget allows or expand the system as your needs develop.

We used to control these systems with original product remotes. Now we can control our systems with computers, smartphones, and tablets. These control devices offer easy and quick navigation of immense collections of music.

There are three types of wireless streaming components;

For those with existing speakers (box, in-ceiling, in-wall, & outdoor) we have network streaming zone amps to power these independently, or as a group.

For those with no existing equipment, or to add sound to additional rooms, we offer powered network zone speakers. These can be used individually, some in stereo pairs, or as home theatre systems.

For those with existing legacy stereos and home theatres, we offer network streaming components to add as a source, thoroughly modernizing the systems’ ability to not only deliver music content, also to turn it into a music zone that can be stand-alone or grouped with others.

We have music streaming solutions available to suit most every budget; Sonos, Bluesound, Naim Audio, Muso,  and Yamaha just to name a few.

Come in for a demonstration. You will be amazed at the sound quality and just how easy these systems are to use.